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Posted July 15, 2013 by Editor in Low


Website Features

Order Process


Overall Quality

Finished Product


Style Selection

Materials Selection

Color Availability

Repeat Purchase

Total Score

Our Take

Pricing: ,
Company Name: iTailor
Company Location: Asia
Company Website:
Phone Number: Review In Progress!
Shipping Time: 4-6 weeks


Low prices, great selection, 3D suit designer.


Very few pictures of actual suits,
Bottom Line

We were impressed with our iTailor Suit as well as the order process. Enjoy the review!

by Editor
Full Review Review was a company that we received quite a few requests for from our visitors to review and we are happy to say that we have the review completed! iTailor has a reputation on for providing custom suits for low prices so we thought we would put them to the test and see how the process works and at the end of the day, what the suits are like and how they fit. You will find out review listed below along with over 100 pictures taken during the review process.

Remember, we encourage you to include your comments below. Post your experience with iTailor, ask questions or provide feedback. We have found that some of the companies we have reviewed address customer concerns directly on the site and we hope that will do the same. Enjoy!

The main website is a little different than most. Much of the site is done in Flash which allows for some cool animations. Some of you may like this, some will not but what I can tell you is that when you progress into designing your suit, this helps a bit as it provides you with a more interactive feel for the process.

We liked the site and we loved the order process. What would have been nice to see are actual pictures of the suits instead of fabric swatches. After conducting reviews for quite a few companies, we have noticed that when we see the suit on a model or an actual picture of the entire suit, it is very helpful in determining what fabric we want to choose.


Here is the official writeup provided by


We are a professional state-of-the art tailoring factory, offering direct factory prices to our customers. We have been in the tailoring business for four decades and are proud to be able to offer the best prices available on the internet. We have the best fabric partners, a highly skilled IT support team (responsible for everything from web development to process optimization), and most importantly, we operate our own production facility.

With 40 years of experience, we have detailed know-how regarding all body types. We aim to achieve the best fit for you personally, providing the most satisfactory online tailor-made shirt shopping experience. Our skilled master tailors handle all of our cutting and sewing, ensuring precision in all production processes. Our workmanship is second-to-none, so you will notice that no materials like threads or chalk marks will have been left on your product when it reaches your door.

Each shirt is given full attention and care because we highly regard every tailor made item we produce. We have specialized QC (quality control) in every production department, to ensure full satisfaction with every order. Our quality is top notch, and we can proudly say that we are the best in the business because we give care and detailed attention in all aspects of our operations. We are also one of the quickest and most reliable companies in terms of delivery. Your orders will reach you within 6 weeks of ordering! Become your own fashion designer with the limitless style possibilities and fabric combinations.

Enjoy designing without any limitations! You will receive full priority from us in terms of service, and all enquiries/questions will receive a reply within 24 hours by mail.

The finished product was excellent! There were quite a few “extra” features we really enjoyed!
Website Overview

As mentioned, the site is a little different than most. Upon first visiting the site, you might be a little confused at what to do next. There is a sliding scroller, a navigation at the bottom as well as at the top. If you are looking for a word of advice when purchasing a suit, look around first before you start your selection as if you change what you are doing, you will lose your progress.

When we started, we began with a suit. When you select a suit, at the very top there are options for a “3 piece” suit and then further options on the left hand side.

Once you begin the process, the site is very easy to use. The order process of selecting fabrics and customizations is incredibly simple with the changes you select showing up on a picture of the suit to the right. This was a very cool feature that we really liked. You can play with every style and customization they offer and see in real time what it looks like. You will love this feature – we did!

Here are a few of the navigational options available to you:

If you are new to custom online tailors, iTailor is a great place to start. The site is made to walk you through the process and visually display to you your selections. Once you find your way around, you won’t have any issues.

Website Usability

At first glance, the site is not the best laid out site we have reviewed. We don’t want this to detract from our experience as it was extremely positive but the site itself could be laid out a bit better. Their actual 3D Designer was fantastic, just navigating the rest of the site was a little tough. Once we went through the site a few times and familiarized ourselves with the various sections, we were good to go!

We suggest you do the same. Before starting your suit or shirt, click around and become aware of every section available to you.


Now Lets Look At The Order Process

Listed below are screen shots of the various steps of the order process. We will go in-depth for each step. To view a larger image, simply click on the image to view the enlarged version.


Normally, we suggest that you create an account before you begin but in the case of iTailor, this is not possible. Registration happens after you go through the process. This is not bad or good, it is just different. Their screen actually says “For first time customers, please proceed to design your order. During checkout, you will be able to submit your email and password to setup an account with us. Enjoy your designing experience on iTailor!”.

Step 1 – Select Suit & Fabric

Once we knew what we were doing, it was simple. We selected a 3 piece light brown pinstripe wool suit. After selecting the fabric swatch, the 3D picture of the swatch rendered what our suit would look like. It looked sharp in the picture so we decided to go with it. After you make your selection, you simply click “next” to progress to the next screen.

Step 3 – Customize

Customizing your suit with iTailor is quite easy. There are tons of options available to you and the part we liked the best was the ability to see the changes reflected in real time. Each customization is applied to the suit so you can immediately see if you like it or not. Our advice is to play with each option as you can always go back and change things if need be.

Jacket Customization & Lapel

When customizing your iTailor suit jacket, you first have to decide what style of suit you want. We were surprised to see that they offer nine different styles ranging from 1 button single breasted to 6 buttons double breasted. If you are unsure of what you want and what a style is suited for (nice little pun there), they provide little tips next to each such as “Fashion/Modern” & “business/classic”.

You first select your jacket style and then move on to selecting your lapel style. Once you pick your jacket style, the lapels are easy as you will see what it looks like in the 3D rendering.

Jacket Vents & Pockets

As many of you who follow our site know, we always select a double vent suit. We like to be consistent for all the suits we review to make it an even playing field for all the companies. Our iTailor suit selection as no different. We selected a double vented suit with a curved bottom. You have the ability to select between three different styles.

When it comes to pockets, you have 7 different choices. You can select no pockets, pouch pockets, slot pockets, flap pockets etc. There is a style for every taste. We selected our usual slanted pocket with a ticket pocket on the right hand side. We love this look and iTailor even had a pocket selection for it. Some companies offer a ticket pocket as a separate option but they had it included as a main option. It is a nice touch as in our opinion, it really adds “something extra” to the suit.

Remember, when you are selecting your sleeve buttons, if you select a functioning sleeve, it is much harder for a tailor to fix it as opposed to a non-working cuff.


After you have completed your jacket customization, you move onto your pants. Don’t worry about missing anything as you can always go back to the different sections to change any of your options.

When you click on the pants option, another menu appears that gives you various options to select. You can control every aspect of your customization for the pants including the pant style, pleats, pant pockets, back pockets, belt loops and cuffs. Each section gives you many different options to choose from. For example, the pants style provides you with 3 options – normal, narrow and boot. The pleat style provides you with 6 options and the front and back pocket selection gives you 10 options in total! If there is an option missing, we don’t know what it could be!

You will find that the pant customization is as easy as the jacket giving you everything you need to customize the perfect pair of pants.

Waist Coat (Vest)

We selected to have a vest included. This is one area of the suit that we had some difficulty with as when the vest arrived, it was much too short. We believe that this could have been an error on our part with the measurement. We emailed them and they said they would redo the vest and send it to us but that was 6 weeks ago and we have not received it. We followed up with them and are awaiting their reply.

When customizing the vest, the same type of options appears that allow you to control every aspect. It is rather unique that you can include a lapel with your vest but we selected a straight vest with no lapel. We also chose the same fabric for the back as we do not like a contrasting lighter fabric for the back as we believe it detracts from the overall look.

Customization Extras provides tons of extra options for you to control such as the buttons, stitching color, thread etc. This is where you can make the suit your own. A word of advice – take your time with this as a small change to thread color can take away from the entire suit. Our advice is that when getting a custom suit done, unless you are sure of what it will look like, don’t gamble. It is better to be safe and get a great suit than take a chance and love your suit “except one small thing…..”

With our suit, we selecting a fabric collar (it just adds that extra element) with a different lining color for the jacket and standard button thread. The suit looked great in the 3D picture but it is impossible to tell until you receive the suit to see for yourself!

Jacket Fit

In our opinion, the fit of the jacket is one of the most important steps. Some people we have talked to told us they error on the side of ordering a bit larger just in case. This flies in the face of ordering a custom suit. When you order, order what you want. If you want a normal fit with a bit of room, select normal or casual. If you like form fitting, order that. If your measurements are correct, the suit will fit you just fine.

With iTailor, you have many options available to you. Make sure you pick wisely as you will have to wear this!

Monogram & Stitching

When given the opportunity, we always order a monogrammed suit. This is a very easy process, just select the color of the thread, what you want on the suit and that’s it. It is simple and inexpensive!

Collar, Stitching & Working Cuffs

All of the extra options are presented after you select the main suit customizations. They work similar to the other menus with each option presented with pictures after you make a selection.

itailor-review-process-25 Custom Shirt

Above everything else with the site, we were most impressed with the shirt designer. As much care went into customizing a shirt as went into the suit process. This is by far one of the best tools we have seen for custom shirts – even against those who just provide custom shirt tailoring.

With the shirt customization process, you control everything from the fabric, fit, cuffs and even the lining of the shirt collar and button area. There are tons of customizations. At the bottom of our review are a few pictures of the actual shirt – they are perfectly represented from our customizations.

itailor-shirt-process-18 Custom Accessories

We ordered a blue tie to go along with the suit. We were suprised to see that the order process took four steps as we not only selected the color but the size, the shape and the style of the tie. We were glad we ordered the tie as it was perfect and exactly what we were looking for!


All in all, we were very impressed with the entire process at Aside from a few small navigational items and odd placed buttons, the process was very easy. We especially liked the 3D designer and the availability of options. It would be nice to see pictures of the main suit fabrics as completed works – such as user submitted images but this is not a deal breaker. We found it easy to see whit the suit would look like with the real time renderings.


Measurement Process

The measurement process was standard and easy. It allows you to choose your measurement units and enter in your details. Just in case you are worried about how to measure or more importantly, where to measure, they have videos for each section that show you exactly where to measure. If you do this correctly, you can’t screw it up!


Shipping & Tracking

Their shipping wasn’t the fastest but it did arrive in the designated time period. They provide you with a tracking number so you can track the package from their factory to your front door.


Now Let’s Review The Actual Shirt & Suit

Now that you have read our review about the process, it is time to take a look at the finished product! We were pleased with the final product and impressed with the extra “touches” that were added.

The Jacket

As you can see from the jacket, the quality is very nice. The fabric looks very similar to the fabric selection during the order process. You never know how it will look on the screen (this is why you can order fabric swatches from them) but in our case, it matched very well. The inside lining looks fantastic and every stitch was closed off with no loose threads evident anywhere. It is obvious that they have a quality control department that looks things over.

We took a magnifying glass to this jacket and looked at every item and double checked that all of our selections were there. We even took a tailors tape to confirm the measurements and every one was correct. We are very pleased with the quality of the jacket.

The Pants

As you can see from the pictures, the pants are a perfect match to the suit jacket. They fit nicely and attention has been given to specific areas. We like the elastic around the waist and the stitching in the hems. The pants fit very nicely and are constructed exactly to our measurements. Just like the jacket, we measured from the waist to the hem line and they are exactly to the measurements we sent. There is no buckling in the upper inner thigh and the back is perfect as it allows us to sit without having the inner crotch area constrict our movements. The pants are very well done and are very comfortable to wear.

The Shirt & Vest

To tell you the truth, the shirt was a much unexpected surprise. Usually, when you order a custom suit, the shirt is an afterthought and you hope for the best. In the case of iTailor, the shirt was absolutely fantastic. It turned out great! This shirt fit us perfectly and the measurements were “spot on”. We especially like the extra “glasses” pocket above the breast pocket, the contrasting fabric on the shirt and the elastic patch at the bottom of the shirt. This is one of the best shirts we have received and highly recommend anyone looking for a custom shirt to give iTailor a try. We were very impressed.

As for the vest, the tailoring and quality was great. We love the fact that the vest has an all fabric back as opposed to the lining back that is found in other vests. As we mentioned, the size of the vest was off as it is a few inches too short but this could be due to our issues, not theirs. They said they were going to ship us a replacement vest and at the time of publishing this review, we still have not received it.

The Fit

The suit, pants and shirt fit perfectly. Outside of the vest, the suit was ready to wear without any alterations. As we mentioned, we measured it ourselves and the measurements seemed perfectly. After it was pressed, it was ready to wear. If your experience is anything like ours, you don’t have to worry about the suit not fitting.


All in all, we were very impressed with our iTailor custom suit experience. After a little bit of getting used to, the site was easy enough to place an order and their customer service throughout the entire process was great. They proactively reached out to us and their English was good. They took the extra steps to send us follow-up emails to let us know where they were in the process and when it was all done, we received a tracking number to track the delivery.

We found that their prices were lower than most but their quality was very good. If this is your first experience with a custom suit, we highly recommend that you give iTailor a try. We weren’t disappointed and hope you will have the same experience.

Remember, we want to hear from you. If you order from them, let us know. We want the good, the bad – the truth! If you have experience ordering from our dealing with, please leave us a comment to let others know. We would love to hear from you.

About the Author


The custom suit reviews are written by a group including the awesome people in the editorial and graphic teams. We publish in depth vetted custom suit reviews of custom online tailors. What seperates our reviews from the others is the depth and detail of each review. It will be like you ordered from the company yourself!


    Caleb Harint

    I can’t wait to see this review. I want to buy from them but have read other places that they are 70% poly. I hope the review is here soon. As many suits from them as you can review would be great!! I would love to see a few suits reviewed so I can check them out before I buy.


    I can’t wait for this review! They seem to have the best prices out there. now i just want to see if the suits are worth it.

    Kevin Hills

    Awesome review! I was seriously looking to buy a suit for an upcoming wedding from this company and was looking all over for info about them. It seems like a ton of companies put up fake reviews (not saying this company does this) so you don’t know what is real and what isn’t. I am happy I found this site. I am shocked at how much detail you put into each review. You just helped me make my decision. I think I am going to order a black suit from them and for my next suit i am going to place an order with Institchu. They seem to be a bit more money but you review and recommendation for both of these companies sold me. Thanks! Kepp up the good work.

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