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We must deeply apologize to Institchu[1] for this oversight. Last last season, Institchu[1] sent us a Sports Coat to review. We completed the review and provided it to an editorial intern to post. It was posted but only in a draft format and therefore, never posted live. We are not blaming our intern, (maybe a bit), it was our fault that it was not officially posted.

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Unique sports coat. Very cool design, fabric. Well made.
This was sent to us to review. We didn’t go through the process. Fabric a little heavy for summer wear.
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3 Weeks

Institchu Sports Coat

The sports coat from Institchu[1] is the first of its kind that we have reviewed. We have primarily focused on complete custom suits but the time has come for us to branch out and review single bespoke items. We have had tons of requests from online customers around the globe asking us to review coats, shirts etc. and we are happy we can oblige (with the assistance of Institchu[1]).

It is important to note that we did not select this coat. We did not choose the type, the colors, the fabrics etc. Institchu[1] had our measurements on file and asked us if we would be interested in reviewing a sports coat. We agreed and a few weeks later, the coat arrived.

This coat may not be for everyone. It is a summer suit that in our opinion, is a bit “flashy”. It cannot be worn with all parts, rather it must be the centerpiece of your outfit. It is important to note that we love this jacket. We love the style, its uniqueness, and it’s fit. It reminds us of a summer’s day at a polo match! It truly is a unique item that will separate you from the pack.

With all of the companies we have reviewed, we have yet to come across a jacket or the fabric options like this anywhere else. If you are looking for a unique, well-made jacket, Institchu[1] has what you are looking for.

Review Criteria

At this time, the suit from Institchu[1] and the process holds the highest overall review score. With that score comes great expectations on our part when embarking our next review. This jacket did not disappoint. For our review, as we did not go through the actual order process, we kept the same review score as previously assigned. This review will encompass the new jacket quality and attributes only and will incorporate the previous scores.

Jacket Quality

The jacket itself is very well made. Similar to the first suit review, the stitching and lining are impeccable. What really struck us with this jacket are the small finishing touches. For example, on the jacket cuff buttons, one button is threaded with bright red thread. Red may seem out of place with a blue jacket with purple lining but in a weird way, it works. It adds some elegance and flare to an already “smart” jacket.

The weight of the coat is a bit heavy. This may be a bit too warm to be a summer suit but it would fit nicely on a spring day. With how this jacket was constructed, it could not be made with a thinner fabric and lining as it would lose its shape and form. If we had one complaint, this would be it.

The back collar included reinforced fabric and the lining was complete throughout the jacket and even into the sleeves. It was very well crafted and of what we expected from Institchu[1].

Institchu[1] added a personal touch by embroidering[5] on the inside jacket pocket. It looked great and we thought it was a very nice touch.

Jacket Uniqueness and Fashion

As more businessman are going to a “business casual” look as opposed to complete suits, we see a definite market for sports coats as well as formal summer and spring wear. We are actually going to create a new category on this site for Sports coats only. If the interest from our visitors is an indication, there is a high demand for custom jackets like this one and not standard suit jackets.

This jacket is truly unique. Most business men will simply take their coat from a suit and try to pass it off as a casual sports coat. When you wear a jacket like this, people notice. The only issue we may have with a coat like this is it cannot be worn with a wide variety of pants and suits. As it is a light blue with strips, you are limited in what you can wear it with. I believe Institchu[1] realized this when they sent it as they were simply illustrating to us that they created more than just custom suits and were capable of making other fashionable items.


As we mentioned, this jacket was sent to us and we did not have the opportunity of going through the order process. As we have done this once before, we can attest to how easy it was to do. This jacket is very impressive. It is well made and reinforces why Institchu[1] is rated so highly on this site. We only wish we had the opportunity of creating a sports coat from start to finish to report back what the process was like including a fabric and design more suited for versatile wear.

We can and will recommend Institchu[1] for your custom garment needs. Instead of pricing a sports coat off the rack, check out what they have to offer. We believe you will be pleased.












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