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    Knot Standard Blazer Review Company Name Knot Standard Positives Excellent website, very easy to use. Fantastic


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Knot Standard Blazer Review

Knot Standard Blazer Review

Knot Standard Blazer Review

Company Name
Knot Standard
Excellent website, very easy to use. Fantastic order support, great excellent product
A few small issues with the order process, nothing major.
Company Location
New York – Multiple Locations
Company Website
Phone Number
Shipping Time
3 Weeks

We are very excited to start our Showcase review with Knot Standard. Knot Standard has been on our list to review for quite some time and has been one of the top requested companies from our visitors. Needless to say, we were excited to review them and to see if their clothing lives up to their online reputation for quality and excellence. Let’s begin!


Here is the official history of

This is the history of Knot Standard taken directly from their website. This will provide you with a better overview of the company and what they are all about.
Great ideas are born from the marriage of need and opportunity. Knot Standard was born from a need to modernize traditional bespoke tailoring with the opportunity of a high tech solution. Co-founder John Ballay, an entrepreneur and finance executive living in Dubai, was selling custom made cowboy boots to clients in the United States. To get the perfect fit, he had customers tracing their feet on paper and then transferring the measurements to cobblers in Guatemala. While searching for a better solution, Ballay came up with the idea of using online videos to modernize measurement technology.

He then teamed up with Matt Mueller, a tech-savvy entrepreneur with a 15 year track record in global business and startups. In 2010, the two launched the Knot Standard website, offering custom made suits to family and friends back in the United States. The response was explosive, with Knot Standard selling over $50,000 online in the just three days.

“Knot Standard serves the modern guy. This is not your father’s century and our customers don’t want to dress like their dads, in ill-fitting, off-the-rack suits. Thanks to technology and the global economy, they don’t have to,” explains Ballay. “We founded Knot Standard to meet the needs of guys like ourselves: aspirational, seeking an upgrade in their personal wardrobe, a more modern, sleeker look but at an attainable price point.”

Realizing the potential for a global market, Ballay and Mueller brought in third partner, Tarig El Sheikh a year later. El Sheikh’s knowledge of corporate finance and VCs along with his Lehman Brothers experience added to Knot Standard’s strength in building strategic alliances, raising capital and strengthening the brand’s global reach.

Knot Standard established an advisory board, bringing in leaders from the worlds of high fashion and high finance to leverage their knowledge, expertise and networks and further strengthen the Knot Standard brand.

The firm also sourced the finest English and Italian fabrics, choosing from among the most famous and highest quality mills including Holland & Sherry, Vitale Barberis, Reda, Loro Piana and Zegna and then sourced the most experienced tailors from around the globe to craft the finest custom made suits.

After going international in 2012, Knot Standard invested heavily in production and operations, launching several new facilities at the beginning of 2013. With a flagship store in New York City and global headquarters in Dubai, Knot Standard positioned itself for global reach. The multi-city approach allowed Knot Standard to bring together the old world of tailoring with modern technology.

“Knot Standard is the future of high end tailoring, the 21st century’s answer to Saville Row,” explains Mueller. “We’ve created the perfect fusion of old world tailoring traditions and modern fashion technology. From the convenience of their office, our clients get the highest quality bespoke suits, tailored by the finest craftsman from across the globe.”

Knot Standard’s master tailors take the webcam measurements and using lasers cut each piece straight from the cloth in true bespoke fashion. The three to four week process ensures precision and consistency and allows each handmade piece to be precisely fitted for each individual customer. Knot Standard’s ethos is to instill pride in the customer by giving him the freedom to create something unique, customized and impeccably made. The result has been a phenomenal success. Two thirds of Knot Standard’s business comes through its online portal, A majority of orders come from customers in the United States, with orders from the MENA accounting for a third of business and Asia/Australia and New Zealand making up the rest.

Knot Standard’s clients range from veterans of bespoke tailoring to men buying their first suit for a wedding. Customers are typically professionals, aged 25-45 who wear suits often, earn over $75,000 a year and who seek out the finer things, including quality clothes, cars and experiences.

“You cannot imagine how good you will look and feel in a custom made suit – a suit made specifically for your body – until you wear it. Once you do, you’ll never buy off-the-rack again. Why would you?” asks El Sheikh. “Through our fusion of high tech and high fashion, we’ve taken what was once reserved for the jet set crowd and made it attainable for the discerning, smart and saavy professional.”
Responding to customers’ requests, Knot Standard has also launched an exclusive, invitation-only personal styling service, available in its showrooms worldwide or via special order.

“We value disciplined execution of the promise,” said Ballay. “A brand, after all, really is about the promise and Knot Standard always lives up to our promise of providing custom fitted clothes to anyone, anywhere, anytime – in just a few weeks.”

We are very impressed with the website and the company. When you have visited as many online tailors as we have, you can quickly differentiate the quality of the operation by the the quality of their website. There have been a few surprises for us but the KnotStandard website and the entire process is top knotch. We were very impressed.

Website Overview

As mentioned above, the website is very professional. When working with an online bespoke tailor for the first time, there are certain elements that must be included to instill trust. With KnotStandard, their website has it all.

It is very easy to navigate and was designed with the user in mind. They outline and display their collections based on the view of the customer, meaning, everything is available to you in a matter of just a few clicks. Their telephone number (a 1-800) number is easily accessible, social feeds are up front and help is readily available via a live chat operator at the bottom of the screen.

We get the impression that this company knows what they are doing and they make it as easy as they can to earn your business. When visiting the website, you instinctively trust them based on the website alone.

Knot Standard is also a little different from other online tailors. They appear to have showrooms in many of the major US cities. This provides a rare physical presence in an online world allows customers to physically touch the garments and speak to real humans. Personally, we at love this aspect of the company. We have only encountered a few companies like this and look forward to seeing more from others (highly doubtful because of the inherent cost associated)




Website Usability

The site is incredibly easy to use and highly intuitive. In our entire process, we only noticed one small issue. We found that when we ordered, the process of adding measurements for specific orders was slightly disconnected. We ended up having multiple orders on our account. The order and measurement process is a little different from others we have experienced. This is not good or bad, it is just different. We thought this could have been changed slightly to make it a little easier. In the grand scheme of things, this is not a big deal at all.

If this is your first time ordering bespoke clothing or if you are a rookie to the process, this site won’t give you any trouble. You will even find the shopping and customizing process enjoyable.

Now Lets Look At The Order Process

If you are a regular visitor to our site, first “thank you!”, second, you know that we provide the most in-depth bespoke reviews on the planet. Our review of Knot Standard is no different. We went through the entire process with a fine tooth comb and documented our steps for you. Our goal is to provide you with a walk-through exactly as if you ordered the products yourselves.

Listed below are screen shots of the various steps of the order process. We will go in-depth for each step. To view a larger image, simply click on the image to view the enlarged version.



The registration process is simple. When you select the product you wish to order, they provide you with the “member window”. You select whether you are a returning customer or a new user. Depending on your selection, you either fill out the new account information or your existing credentials. That’s it. They don’t ask you for any details they don’t need or you don’t feel they need. There was nothing out of the ordinary on this page. For those of you that are concerned about adding in your payment details and security don’t be. They do not ask for any credit card or payment details here.

Step 1 – Select Blazer



This is a little different for us as this is a Sports coat/Blazer showcase. Much like we do with suits, we selected the blazer we were interested in reviewing. As we discussed earlier, our hands were a little tied as we went with the selection that our visitors requested.

As you can see from the image above or on their website here –, there are quite a few blazers to choose. The blazers are presented in simple manner with the blazer name, the picture and the price. All of their blazers are presented on one page. It would have been nice if they were categorized a little better as the page included over coats as well. This isn’t a big deal but it would be nice to see a category filter or a simple section for summer, winter, colors etc. This would make it easier as we wouldn’t have to click on the blazer to see quick information.

What we really liked was the information page for each blazer. It is impressive. The give you all of the details you need for each blazer as well as information about the fit and measurement process. It is from this page where you officially begin the customization process. A note to readers – pay attention to what you are doing. There is quite a bit going on here and it is very easy to miss items. For example, we missed the advanced customizations and had to return to the page to complete it. Pay attention and go slow.

Step 2 – Customize

The customization process was very easy. It is similar to most of the high end tailor sites in comparison to how they present options and visual representations of those options. They give you complete control over all areas of the jacket and show you a picture of what it looks like. The picture is not your specific jacket or fabric but you get the idea.

Front Options

You can change:

  • Lapel style
  • Buttons & Button Style
  • Collar & Lapel Satin
  • Lining of the jacket
  • The jacket fabric
  • Breast & Jacket pockets
  • Pocket & Ticket Pockets

General Options

You can select:

  • Outer pick stitch
  • Shoulder type
  • Vents
  • Sleeves
  • Functional Buttonholes
  • Buttonhole colour
  • Buttonhole Stitching

Jacket Customization & Fabric

The process of ordering a blazer from Knot Standard is much different than ordering a custom suit. When you order a suit, you select the style AND THEN the fabric. When you order a blazer from Knot Standard, the fabric and style is already selected making the process much easier. Take it from us, after ordering quite a few custom suits and reviewing/selecting fabrics, this was a welcome change.

The selection is nice and varied. We didn’t find ourselves going “I wish they had this coat in this color”. There were quite a few choices and for us, the decision was very easy.

In the pictures below, we outlined every step of the customization process. You will see all of the options available to you. For example, you can select the type of lapels your jacket has, how many buttons, the number and design of the pockets, the vents in the back and the jacket fit.






Jacket Extras

As we are not new to the process of designing a suit or a jacket, we grow accustomed to certain options but for first timers, you will be amazed at the level of customization you have control over.

Lining – Knot Standard all sllows you to control the lining of your jacket. We would suggest going with the default lining. They know best and you never know what the lining will look like. However, for those of you who feel adventurous, feel free to select one of the many options. In all honesty, all of their options would look good.

Embroidery – You can choose to have your jacket emboridered. They allow you to choose the font color, the font type and they show you a preview.

Jacket Canvassing – This is an option that we have not seen before. Jacket Canvassing is an interlining for your jacket. Here is what Knot Standard lists with this option ” Our lightweight woven interlining has none of the bubbling, siffnes or “cheap” feeling of a traditional fused garment. It’s cloth construction is durable, breathable, and molds to your body over time, just like a full horsehair canvas.”. It is important to note that this option can be quite expensive in comparison to the other options and the the jacket price.

Outer Pick Stitch – We selected this option. For us here at the office, this is a no-brainer. It adds the perfect amount of elegance to the suit and it separates it from others straight off the rack. Whenever we are presented with this option, we take it

Sleeves – How many buttons do you want on the sleeve? 3? 4? You decide. We selected three buttons. Extra buttons do not cost extra.

Functional Buttonholes – Many of our visitors did not know this was an option as many suits off the rack do not have this ability. You can select if you want the buttons on the sleeves to actually work. We always select yes to this option. You never know when you might need them. (we have yet to encounter a time where we needed to unbutton the sleeves but we are prepared just the same)

Thread color – Some suits look great with a contrasting color for the button thread. For us, we simply selected the same color as everything else.

Special Requests – There is even a spot where you can ask for special requests if the option or selection that you are looking for is not listed.












Custom Shirt

For our showcase review, two different shirts were delivered with the sports coats. The process was very simple and the selection was vast. As mentioned, we were constrained in terms of the shirt we are reviewing as it had to match the jacket.

What we liked about the shirt selection is the different filtering capabilities. For example, you can sort shirts by color, pattern and occasion. We listed a few screenshots below of the order process. A full review of the shirt is located in the actual product review section.





Measurement Process

The measurement process was simple and straightforward. We are aware that this is the part that scares individuals. From feedback from our visitors, some add a “bit extra” just in case as the thinking (not very logical (in our opinion)) is, it is better to be a bit big than too small. The point of custom clothing is the perfect fit!!

Knot Standard has done a great job in regards to the measurement process. They outline everything for you, show you a picture of what you are measuring and even provide you with a video of what and where you are to measure. You can’t screw this up! Take a look at the screenshots below to see the entire process.























Shipping and account follow-up is a very important aspect of our review. In our opinion, companies do not put enough emphasis on what happens AFTER you order. It is almost two much emphasis is put on actions and services to get you to buy and post purchase is an afterthought. We take a special interest in this aspect of the review and must say, Knot Standard passed with flying colors.

The order was shipped in 3-4 weeks. In the “account” section, they provide you with updates as to the status of the order. One small part we would have like to see is a shipping confirmation letting us know that the package was shipped. We didn’t’ know what was going on with the order but were pleasantly surprised when live help on the site was available on a Sunday afternoon (we specifically tested this on Sunday to see if they were available). The live help operator provided us with an update as well as a link to the shipping tracking number. This would have been much easier if the shipping number was automatically added to our account notification (similar to how ebay operates).

The package itself arrived in a plain cardboard box. However, inside of this box was a beautiful black Knot Standard product box with a red ribbon. The box oozed professionalism and quality. In all of our reviews, this was the best “presented” shipment we have every received!

Inside of the box we found the two blazers, two individually wrapped dress shirts and two suit carry bags. It was backed very nicely and presented very well. Check out the pictures below to view the unboxing/shipping pictures.





As mentioned above, the shirts came individually wrapped. You can see from the video in this post how each were shipped and packaged. You have to remember, this review is a sportscoat showcase focusing on “looks” you, the customer can purchase. With that said, we were limited in terms of what we could order based on the jacket. We need to complete the look.

Shirt 1

For our shirt (to match the blazer, we selected a “Classic Dark Blue Twill Shirt”. The shirt retails on their site for $95. Here is the official write-up about the shirt – “The Knot Standard Classic Shirt is smart, elegant and fits you perfectly…wear it with pride. This shirt is made from 100% cotton features a light blue twill weave and mother of pearl buttons. It is styled with a spread collar and rounded French cuffs.”

We have reviewed, tested and tried on many shirts in the past and this shirt has to be one of the nicest shirts we have reviewed. Not only did it fit perfectly but they paid special attention to the little details. For example, in the bottom section of the shirt where the front meets the back, there is a little design there to delineate the transition. If it is tucked in, no one will see it but in our option, these are the small things that set this shirt apart.

The collars and cuffs were crisp, it came with extra collar stays and the fabric was fantastic. Check out the pictures below.

KnotStandard Classic Dark Blue Twill Shirt_1

KnotStandard Classic Dark Blue Twill Shirt1a

KnotStandard Classic Dark Blue Twill Shirt_2

KnotStandard Classic Dark Blue Twill Shirt1_3

KnotStandard Classic Dark Blue Twill Shirt1_4

KnotStandard Classic Dark Blue Twill Shirt1_5

KnotStandard Classic Dark Blue Twill Shirt1_6

KnotStandard Classic Dark Blue Twill Shirt1_7

KnotStandard Classic Dark Blue Twill Shirt1_8

KnotStandard Classic Dark Blue Twill Shirt1_9

KnotStandard Classic Dark Blue Twill Shirt1_10

KnotStandard Classic Dark Blue Twill Shirt1_11

KnotStandard Classic Dark Blue Twill Shirt1_12

KnotStandard Classic Dark Blue Twill Shirt1_13

KnotStandard Classic Dark Blue Twill Shirt1_14

KnotStandard Classic Dark Blue Twill Shirt1_15

KnotStandard Classic Dark Blue Twill Shirt1_16

KnotStandard Classic Dark Blue Twill Shirt1_17

KnotStandard Classic Dark Blue Twill Shirt1_18

KnotStandard Classic Dark Blue Twill Shirt1_19
Shirt 2

Now it is time to evaluate the shirt Knot Standard sent us for their “look”. The shirt matched the “Classic Red Windowpane Blazer” they sent. It is a crisp white dress shirt with some very unique features. We tend to play it safe with many of the shirts we order for a review to give our visitors the best generic representation of the shirt. This way, they can envision the shirt or jacket with various items of clothing they specifically own. We are glad this was the shirt Knot Standard supplied for a review as it is something we wouldn’t normally review but are extremely happy they supplied it.

The shirt was created to match the “red” in the blazer. The button thread is read and the collar lining is a faded red. It looks absolutely fantastic when matched with the jacket. The nice part of the shirt is the red isn’t too overbearing to clash with other jackets or clothing items. It is a nice subtle red on its own but it really “pops” when worn in conjunction with the blazer. Check out the pictures below.






















We have to admst, we were a little anxious to see the type and style of Blazer Knot Standard was sending us. They wouldn’t tell us before hand so it was a nice surprise to see what arrived.

Blazer 1 – Our Selection – Classic Light Brown Houndstooth Blazer

We selected the Classic Light Brown Houndstooth Blazer. It retails on their website for $375. Details can be found here. This is the official write-up from their website – “Our classic winter sportcoats are practical, stylish and most importantly…warm! Perfect for casual Friday’s and weekend soirees.”

Please take a look at the video below as well as the pictures. We are very impressed with the blazer. It is extremely well made and exact to our specifications. We listed all of the extras in our customization section above.

You can tell from the second you put this on that it is a well-crafted blazer. The fabric flows beautifully, it fits nicely and the lining on the inside does not bunch or pull. We are very impressed with this jacket.
































Blazer 2 – Knot Standard Selection – Classic Red Windowpane Blazer

Knot Standard selected the Classic Red Windowpane Blazer as their jacket submission. It retails on their website for $375. Details can be found here. Oddly enough, the description is EXACTLY the same as the one above (might want to look into altering this a bit!)- “Our classic winter sportcoats are practical, stylish and most importantly…warm! Perfect for casual Friday’s and weekend soirees.”

It fit just as perfectly as the first Blazer and we must admit, based on a poll internally in our offices, we like this blazer better than the one we selected. Maybe it is the colors or the matching shirt. Either way, this one received our vote and is our favorite.

Check out the video and the pictures below.
























Summary/Final Comments

Well, to sum it up, the wait was worth it. Knot Standard has been on our list and a common request from our visitors and after a thorough review, we are very very impressed. They definitely belong in the top categories of companies we have reviewed! We can, without a doubt, recommend them for your blazer purchases. They are not the cheapest and not the most expensive but in terms of quality, style and fit for blazers, they are fantastic.

We hope to review a few spring sportscoats for you (believe it or not, we were already asked this before this review was published!!) and we would love to review a suit and go through the same process as everyone else. For now, we can recommend them for Blazers. You won’t be disappointed.




The custom suit reviews are written by a group including the awesome people in the editorial and graphic teams. We publish in depth vetted custom suit reviews of custom online tailors. What seperates our reviews from the others is the depth and detail of each review. It will be like you ordered from the company yourself!

Website Features
20out of 5
Order Process
20out of 5
19out of 5
Overall Quality
20out of 5
Finished Product
20out of 5
18.5out of 5
Style Selection
18.5out of 5
Repeat Purchase
20out of 5


4.91 out of 5

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  1. Dave Helner
    Dave Helner 20 January, 2015, 09:53

    Awesome review. Thanks Mate! I have been waiting for you guys to review them – took long enough. lol. Looks awesome. I have been on the fence and now thinking I am going to take the plunge and order. How were they to deal with? Any issues with customer service? Payment safe and secure?

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  2. Teddy
    Teddy 24 March, 2015, 09:54

    I recently used Knot Standard for my wedding. I had six groomsmen and had everyone order online as only two of us live in a city where they have a showroom.

    I received a call from Alex who works there when I placed my order because she saw my note I put in that my suit was for my wedding. To say the least – I am glad she reached out to me. She couldn’t have been more helpful and not only did she personally help all of my groomsmen with their order, but also sent me pictures of some options of Loro Piana fabrics that I upgraded to after my wife and I looked through them.

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  3. David K.
    David K. 13 October, 2017, 06:27

    Site is a life saver. Good to see what they are like before I decide to buy. How would say the over for is? Did you measure exactly or did you give yourself some extra room just in case?

    Would you say Knot Standard is the best? Are there plans in reviewing more? I would like to see other blazers to see what the measuring is like and fit for the different types. Anyone else here have experience with Knot Standard? After seeing this, I am leaning towards buying from them now. One last thing, lol. How is the quality holding up since you bought? Good? Please try to respond as I want to pull the trigger soon as I habe an anniversary thing I want to wear it to.

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